List of 25 Catchy Blog Name Ideas for Fitness and Weight Loss Bloggers

The best way to get useful ideas for your new workout, running, dieting and healthy living blog is to take a look at the way how other bloggers have created good names for their sites.

By looking at the list of blog names below, the first thing you’ll realise is that you don’t need to include topical keywords (ie fitness, exercise or healthy) into the name in order to create something catchy.

In fact, semi relevant words are often better to give a subtle association, such as ‘sweat’ in the name “Love, Sweat and Peace”.

And if you do use a prime keyword, such as ‘running’, a good way to come up with a name that will grab people’s attention is to combine it with something unusual, like “Running in Pearls”. Quirky names like this work well because they can be funny and weird – which normally gets web surfers to stop and take notice of them.

  1. Moms Home Run
  2. Shrink to Fit
  3. Sweet Zen Life
  4. Running In Pearls
  5. Bipolar Chick
  6. Skinny Bean
  7. A Weight Loss Adventure
  8. My Manic Moments
  9. High Heels and Hot Flashes
  10. For Their Tender Hearts
  11. Love, Sweat, Peace
  12. Celestial Prescriptions
  13. Getting My “It” Back
  14. Recovery Corner
  15. The Get Fit Mom
  16. Waiting 4 Sunshine
  17. Do A Run
  18. Healthy Fit N Free
  19. WHOLEistically Fit
  20. 24 to 30
  21. Fitness & the City
  22. Healthful Summer
  23. Running Mom of 4
  24. Forever FITting In
  25. Skinny Chit Chat

Ultimately, if you can think of a name that uses a clever play on words with multiple meanings like “Shrink to Fit”, “Moms Home Run” or “Forever Fitting In”, that would be the ideal.

Otherwise, as you can see, there are numerous other options to put together a name that will catch your audience’s attention and attract them to visit your blog.

28 Fashion and Beauty Blogs with Uniquely Creative Names that are Cool

Hundreds of style, makeup and fashion blogs are started up every day. To stand out from the crowd, you should try to get a name that’s interesting and a bit unusual so you don’t get lost among all the other common sounding names.

There’s a fine line between creativity, clever wordplay and funnily weird blog names that are memorably catchy. You can use a lot of approaches to create a good name for your blog, but if you want it to be effective, make sure you know what your targeted audience likes.

  1. Beauty Bytes
  2. Sunglasses and Daisy-Chains
  3. Emphatically Elle
  4. Berries in the Snow
  5. Spendaholic
  6. Lets Talk Cosmetics
  7. Tiny Brunette
  8. Immersed In Glittler
  9. Organics by MelVee
  10. Just a Dash of Sparkle
  11. Unwinding Moments
  12. Bomb It Beauty
  13. Diary of a Trendaholic
  14. A Greater Gorgeous
  15. Beautiful Inception
  16. Jasminesque
  17. The Curious Red Alice
  18. My Beauty Junction
  19. Makeup in Corso
  20. JadesBeautyBar
  21. Glamamuma
  22. Becoming Grace
  23. Wise Elegance
  24. Lara Lizard
  25. Live and Dictate
  26. Monograms and Moscato
  27. Manicured and Marvelous
  28. Beauty + Baubles

If you look through the list of 28 blog names above, there will be some you like and others which are not quite your cup of tea. That’s normal.

In the same way, when you fret over the appeal of your blog’s name, remember that some people will like it, but others won’t. The objective should be to get the readers who you want to attract to see the brilliance in it.

31 Popular Tumblr Blogs with Cleverly Catchy Names to Inspire You

Some of the most popular sites with a strong following are Tumblr blogs that provide funny or fun content to amuse their audience. So if you’re looking for creative ideas on what to call your new blog, it’s well worth taking a look at what these Tumblogs are called.

To save you time from having to hunt for them, we’ve dug around and compiled a list of 31 highly successful blogs with noteworthy names to get you going:

  1. Newyorkasaurus
  2. Actresses Without Teeth
  3. How Do I Put This Gently?
  4. The Monkeys You Ordered
  5. Scanwiches
  6. Get A Job Erika
  7. Trpdsaya
  8. Lisa Simpson Book Club
  9. Self Pop-Tart
  10. Aziz Is Bored
  11. Anfscu
  12. Dream Cats
  13. The Absurd Puddle
  14. Reasons My Son Is Crying
  15. You Are Single
  16. I Love Charts
  17. Unhappy Hipsters
  18. Babes At The Museum
  19. The Daily Meme
  20. Pitchfork Reviews Reviews
  21. Sad Guys On Trading Floors
  22. Summer Of Megadeth
  23. Young Manhattanite
  24. Jesus Is A Jerk
  25. Muppets With People Eyes
  26. Thedailywh.At
  27. The Content Farm
  28. Wonder Tonic
  29. Blake Lively Doing Things
  30. Marina Abramovic Made Me High
  31. Bajillion Hits

Bear in mind that the majority of them are topic focused sites and hence they are named accordingly. If you’re penning a personal blog, you may not be able to emulate some of the names but you can still get a great deal of inspiration from them.

For example, ‘Actresses Without Teeth’ may not be an appropriate name for your upcoming parenting journal to document the adventures with your newborn.

However, you can still take a leaf from this naming style and personalize it to come up with something similarly quirky like ‘Moms on Mopeds’, ‘Daddy With Wings’ or ‘Parents without Kids’.

Okay, maybe those are not the best examples, but hopefully you get the point and can use your own creativity to fine tune the right words to connect your blog with your audience.

The Best Way to Come Up With a Catchy Name

Bloggers often get confused about whether it’s better to have a cool or clever blog name, versus one that’s witty or catchy. It’s actually all related and this is one of those occasions when you can have both.

The reason why catchy names are effective is because they are memorable, and that’s ultimately what you want from your blog’s name. Sure, people should think it’s novel and creative as well, but at the end of the day, its pointless to have a fantastic name that is hard to remember.

A truly effective blog name is easy to recall, so that readers can find their way back to your site, or tell their friends about it.

Now, in order to be memorable, there are various techniques that can be used, and catchiness is definitely one of the best naming strategies to make people stop, think, appreciate and remember your blog.

It’s all linked. If you have a catchy name that people like, they will think it’s cool because it has been creatively made up. So, in effect, you’ll end up with a name that’s cool, catchy, memorable and simply, awesome.

But how do you come up with a catchy name?

There are plenty of other possibilities, but to get you going, here are 4 tried and tested ways of creating a catchy name for your blog:

  1. Be Clever – Catchy names are almost always cleverly constructed, using an ingenious play on words, or some slightly abstract concept that’s relevant to the blog’s content. If you’re looking to come up with a name that makes your potential visitor stop and think, you should have a good idea of what’s likely to appeal to them, and design the name accordingly.
  2. Be Funny – Making someone laugh is a sure way of getting his or her attention. By being funny, you will undoubtedly connect with your audience, especially if you have a good sense of humor. But you remember to make it relevant and tailor the type of humor to the market you’re trying to reach. Unless it’s warranted, don’t be too crude or rude.
  3. Be Witty – For an older or more learned crowd, wittiness is one of the most effective naming strategies. With the clever use of language in an intelligent way, you can impress and hence appeal to people who appreciate a more sophisticated form of catchiness. A lot of witty names are highly amusing as well, so you can have multiple qualities to your name if you can get this right.
  4. Be Cute – Depending on the subject matter of your blog, if you’re targeting a young or largely female readership, you may find that cute names are an ideal naming option. Needless to say, this is because most women tend to be drawn towards cute and girlish themes.

As you can see, there are numerous approaches you can take to develop a blog name that’s catchy.

Regardless of your methodology, always note that the key is to make sure your audience ‘gets’ or ‘catches’ it. If the meaning or double meaning you’ve concocted is not obvious enough, the name can’t possibly be catchy, as no one will understand it.

7 Creative Naming Strategies for Personal Blogs

There are plenty of techniques to create a catchy name that strikes a chord with your target audience.

You can choose from a number of strategies and any of them will work as long as you have a good idea about the profile of the people you’re trying to reach and what appeals to them.

In order to come up with a truly creative name that is memorable, you need to select and combine words to produce a name that has lots of meaning, relevance and sounds good.

The following are some of the more popular blog naming methods used by bloggers to name their personal blogs. You can use any of them as a ‘Catchy Blog Name Generator’ by adapting them to suit your personal profile or your blog’s content.

1. A Word with the Same First Letter as your Name

This is a simple way of coming up with a blog name that is fun to pronounce and hence memorable. Make sure you choose a suitable word to brand yourself and communicate something appealing about you or your blog’s content.

Depending on your character, these are examples of some names created using this method – Foxy Fred, Humble Harry, Nerdy Noel, Grumpy George, Stylish Steve, Brainy Becky, Sporty Stephanie and Catty Catherine.

2. A Word that Rhymes with your Name

If you can find an appropriate word that perfectly rhymes with your name, you’re in luck, especially if it is relevant to the focus of your blog’s content or some element of your personal profile.

Here are some examples of rhyming personal blog names –Slick Nick, Fat Pat, Cranky Franky, Steady Eddy, Pommy Tommy and Slim Jim.

3. A Word that Describes what you Do

The word doesn’t necessarily have to start with the same letter as your name or rhyme with it, but it should clearly communicate your occupation, skill set and identity.

If you can get it to sound special when combined with your name, all the better, but don’t sacrifice relevance for phonetics. Names like this are fine – Chef Bruce, DJ Neil, Colin the Builder, Techie Jo and Foodie John.

4. Your Location with your Name

A common personal blog naming strategy is to mix your name with the town, city of area where you live. This instantly makes your blog’s name more unique, especially if you have a name that’s not very common or you come from a small town.

Names like Denver Dan, Mike from Chicago, Seattle Jim are cool, but there may be lots of other people who also have the same name and live in the same place. In contrast, these names would be a lot more catchy – Dorset Drew, Virginia Violet, Henderson Chuck or Burbank Brooke.

5. Your Name and a Word to Describe the Blog’s Focus

For bloggers who are writing a topical blog, it makes sense to have a name that tells potential visitors what the content is about and helps to reach out to the site’s intended audience.

As such, a blog about organic living written by Nick may be called ‘Organic Nick’, or a health and fitness blog by Joshua may be named ‘Healthy Josh’. Similarly, a blog on hiking by Anna could be called ‘Hiking with Anna’, and Grace could name her blog on crafts as ‘Crafty Grace’.

6. Words that Describe your Physical Appearance

For general personal blogs that are not locally or topically focused, and the attention is solely concentrated on the blogger, then one common tactic is to combine some characteristic of the author’s physical appearance with their name.

The names sound better if they are alliterative or rhyme, but they don’t have to. Here are some examples – Petite Pamela, Tiny Terry, Big John, Lanky Larry, Slim Tim and Massive Mike.

7. Words that Combine your Appearance and Identity

A lot of bloggers don’t want to use their own name in the blog’s name, even though it is a personal blog. This allows both words to be used to describe elements of the blogger or the blog’s content.

These names should give you a good idea of what can be achieved – Chubby Hubby, Amazing Mom, Frugal Chef, Stylish Diva, Party Queen, Nomadic Trekker and so on.

It Has to Resonate to be Catchy

Regardless of what approach you prefer, remember to always have your audience in mind when creating your blog’s name.

Something that’s catchy to one person may not mean much to someone else, so design the name to resonate with your audience specifically. If they don’t ‘get it’, they’re not going to appreciate or catch it.

Create Catchy Blog Names that Sound Great

The most popular way of creating a good blog name is to use two or more words that sound catchy together when they are pronounced.

Alliteration is one of the main methods used to produce great sounding names. You may not have heard of it before but you’ll definitely be familiar with many of the product and company names that use it to generate highly memorable brands.

Alliterative Naming

Alliteration refers to words that begin with the same letter or sound the same. The words may be adjacent to one another like ‘Dunkin Donuts’, or they may be closely connected such as ‘Bob the Builder’.

A lot of successful brands are created using alliterative words to produce catchy names. From cartoon characters (ie Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny and Fred Flintstone) to multi-million dollar consumer brands (ie Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Krispy Kreme and Best Buy), it is undeniably one of the most effective ways of coming up with a name that people love and remember.

Personal Blog Names

If you’re trying to find a clever name for your personal blog, you could use an adjective that’s applicable to some part of your physical characteristic (or some other distinguishing feature of your profile), together with your name or possibly where you’re from if you’d rather not reveal your name.

So if you’re a little on the plump side and called Charlie, you could name your blog ‘Chubby Charlie’, or ‘Little Larry’ if you’re on the short side and named Larry.

Alternatively names like ‘Brooklyn Babe’ or ‘Blonde Biker’ also sound awesome and focus on different elements of the blogger to establish a brand and communicate a little more about what the blog’s about.

Relevant and Meaningful Words

It’s easy to get totally obsessed with pairing words that start with the same consonant when searching for a blog name. However, don’t lose focus of the end objective, which is to create a catchy name. In fact, the name also needs to resonate with its intended audience. This means it has to make sense and be relevant to the blog’s content or the blogger’s identity.

Therefore, make sure you have a game plan and some underlying goals set before jumping in to test your skills as a wordsmith. By having a clear objective and some basic requirements, you’ll find it easier to select a set of base keywords to further develop.

For instance, if your blog is going to be locally focused and you’re from Brooklyn, then ‘Brooklyn’ should be one of the words on your shortlist. And, if you’d rather be associated with being a biker than having a chubby build, then add ‘Biker’ to the list as well. By clarifying all the potential words you may want to use, you’ll be able to narrow down your focus and build on a word base that is automatically loaded with meaning and relevance.

Compromise & Keep an Open Mind

In all likelihood, you’ll need to come to a compromise at some stage, as you won’t be able to get a completely perfect name that has everything you want.

For example, if you’re a Biker but you’re from Chicago and want an alliterative name that incorporates both words, it’s just not going to be possible. Something’s got to give and you shouldn’t beat yourself up trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. In such as situation, you should forget about the alliterative requirement and just go with ‘Chicago Biker’, choose another word starting with the letter ‘c’ to pair with ‘Chicago’, or find a word starting with the letter ‘b’ to combine with ‘Biker’.